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The First Agent Carter Trailer Will Pump You Up For The Season

Marvel made a splash yesterday when they announced their movie lineup for Phase 3. It has barely been 24 hours since the news was announced, but Marvel has already moved on to bring us some footage from the TV side of things. Marvel has given us our first preview of the “television event” Agent Carter, which will air on Tuesdays this January during Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s hiatus. There’s plenty of action to soak in. Take a look!

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Cheesy tagline aside (that’s the best you could come up with?), this preview was the equivalent of a good movie teaser: it enticed the viewer of what’s coming, but didn’t give anything away. Going off those 15 seconds, it looks like this show is going to be packed full of action, particularly from the woman right for the job, Peggy Carter. If that box with the gun and her medal didn’t already show you she’s going to be a badass, just wait until she’s beating up bad guys. Agent Carter has only shot a few episodes, so Marvel will likely release an extended trailer for the series over the next couple of months.

The trailer by itself is impressive, but if you’re privy to the right information, it’s even more enjoyable. Earlier this week, Marvel released a detailed synopsis for Agent Carter, which expanded on some of the plot details we had heard before. First, the reason Peggy is working with Howard Stark is because someone is causing chaos with weapons he has developed, and Howard needs Peggy to track down the people responsible, dispose of the destructive devices and clear his name. To help her out, he has loaned his butler Edwin Jarvis to assist her on this mission. Jarvis, played by James D’Arcy, can be spotted at the 0:08 mark of the preview, so it looks like the ABC show is already setting him up as a main player. As for Howard’s weapons, it’s unclear whether they were directly stolen or if the people he originally gave them in turn sold them to individuals with sinister plans, but Peggy, Jarvis and their allies need to find those weapons before another war is started.

Right now Agent Carter is only slated for eight episodes, but depending on how it does, Marvel may decide to keep it as a permanent substitute for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and bring it back in 2016. For now though, we have eight episodes of 1940s action, espionage, Easter eggs and explosions to look forward to in three months, and that’s something that every Marvel fan can get excited for.

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