When The Flash Season 2 Will Introduce Its New Villain

You may have noticed, we really liked Season 1 of The CW's The Flash and its cliffhanger “where the hell is this show headed?” season finale. We’re still on the look out for anything that will give us a hint about what’s going to be going on in Season 2. Well, star Grant Gustin just dropped a teaser on us which gives us just enough information to drive us crazy. There’s a new major villain on his way to Central City and he’ll be getting there really soon. No, like really soon.

Speaking at the Saturn Awards, where he won the award for Breakthrough Performance (way to go dude), he made a comment which was picked up by Collider regarding a new bad guy that will be hitting the show next season:

We’re introducing a really cool 'Big Bad' that's going to be revealed kind of immediately.

It’s the “kind of immediately” part that has us buzzing. While we expect that whatever major story arcs that will be carrying us through Season 2 will be introduced in the premiere episode, but signs were pointing to Flash dealing with the ramifications of time travel and, you know, creating a paradox, and less with a physical villain. So who the heck is Gustin talking about? We have a handful of suspects and we can speculate with the best of them. Let’s see what we can put together.

While we know Tom Cavanaugh will be back for Season 2 in some capacity he doesn’t need to be introduced so we can write that one off right there. We don’t even know for sure he’ll be playing Eobard Thawne. For all we know he could be playing the actual Dr. Wells going forward (we’re doing the time travel thing now, anything is possible). A couple months ago executive producer Andrew Kreisberg mentioned Mirror Master and Doctor Alchemy as potential Season 2 villains. While we fully expect to see these guys make an appearance in coming episodes they don’t strike us as “big bad” material (no offense guys). It’s also unlikely that one of these characters went from somebody they were considering to a major villain being introduced early in Season 2, over a couple months.

On the more likely front we have a couple of other contenders. First off, Killer Frost. We got a glimpse of Caitlyn Snow’s alter ego in the Season 1 finale so we know we’ll see her at some point. While there are a number of different ways that the character could be introduced, we know the show is going to start messing with alternate timelines and the wormhole currently hanging out above Central City will likely play into that, if the Killer Frost we meet is actually from another timestream she could very easily pop through the wormhole in the season premiere. Add to that, that the actress who plays Snow, Danielle Panabaker very recently said that we would see Frost “very soon” and her words line up with Gustin’s quite nicely. We also expect Frost will be a “major” villain when she does appear because you don’t just cast one of your leads in a role like that and then only let her do it once.

The other big possibility is Vandal Savage. We know he will be the “big bad” in the upcoming spinoff Legends of Tomorrow so he’ll have to be introduced someplace. We also know, with the brief Hawkgirl cameo in the finale that we’ll be starting to set up Legends early on Flash. Savage may be our villain for the first half of Season 2 before moving over to Legends when it starts in 2016.

Or is it somebody we heaven’t even been teased about yet? Whatever it is, if it has the star of the show is excited we expect it will be fun. Any guesses? Let us know your thoughts? We’ll see who’s right this fall.

Dirk Libbey
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