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Fuller House Picked A Pop Star To Remake Its Theme

When the teaser trailer recently dropped for Netflix’s Fuller House, it brought back a lot of Full House’s most recognizable aspects, from San Francisco to the iconic house to the catchphrases. But what the hell was up with that schmaltzy music? Thankfully, it’s been revealed that the classic opening theme will be back in a new form, and it’ll have pop star Carly Rae Jepsen on the vocals. Check out the announcement from the musician herself.

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Jepsen, who is probably most recognized for her 2011 smash hit “Call Me Maybe,” probably wouldn’t be anyone’s first guess as the artist to take over for the theme song. (Whatever happened to predictability, people?) But if this update is terrible, I can’t imagine her taking the blame for it.

The original, sung by Jesse Frederick, wasn’t exactly the best song ever, and its quality is intrinsically tied to coming before the heartwarming corniness of Full House. A modernized version, hopefully complete with the “Ahhahhhahhahh” sound, sounds scarier to me than any horror movies that came out in 2016. But if it manages to impress, that will bode well for the rest of the show. (Or not.)

For the revision, Jepsen mentioned in the tweet that she’s working with Butch Walker, a name that kids of the 1990s might remember as the front man of the rock-pop band Marvelous 3. Since the band’s breakup in 2001, Walker has built up a name for himself both as a solo musician – his latest album Afraid of Ghosts was released in February of this year – and as a producer and songwriter. He’s been behind albums for musicians such as Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Pink and many more, so working with a pop star like Jepsen will be nothing new for Walker. Remaking a beloved theme song, though, isn’t something he’s done a lot.

Let’s relive that musical jewel below, while trying to hear it repurposed for 2016 audiences.

We were definitely hoping to see distinct music choices from Fuller House, and this definitely counts as one. Find out what it sounds like when the spinoff premieres on Netflix on Friday, February 26.

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