For everyone who was either still in denial or still in ecstatic disbelief, a recent teaser was that first officially official (and largely creepy) sign that Fuller House is a thing that exists that will introduce a new generation of the Tanners to new generations of viewers. Even in this current deluge of revival programming, the hyper-wholesome Fuller House is still something of an oddity, jaunting from 1980s-1990s network TV to the utopia of Netflix, and being a continuation spinoff that largely just reboots the premise of the original series. It’s trying to be the best of all worlds, and by the power of Ranger Joe, we hope it succeeds.

Here are the 5 things we definitely want to see the most when Fuller House hits Netflix next month. It’s true that we’ll be able to live our lives in a normal fashion if none of these picks are utilized, but what kind of living would that be? WHAT KIND?

full house
Fabulously Horrific Hair and Clothes
It’s strange to look back at how often Full House referenced hair and fashion, but so rarely in the way that involved a government body questioning the characters’ sanity at the time when clothes and hairstyles were chosen. This will not be a proper entry in the Full House Cinematic Universe without 75% of the characters wearing eye-popping outfits that look mildly goofy now but then mentally scarring 20 years from now. We know that John Stamos still has banging hair and that it will likely play a large role in how Uncle Jesse eased into middle age. (Perhaps with a secondary mullet-lite stage.) But where’s the fun in Fuller House having a truly stylish hair and makeup team behind the scenes? Considering a follow-up teaser for the show featured the three leading ladies dancing to “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae),” we’ve no doubt Fuller House’s “modern” touches will be instant classics.

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