Galaxy Quest May Become A TV Series, Here's How

By Grabthar’s hammer, studios will not stop until every single movie from the past has been formatted into a TV series. Fortunately, the latest feature to get this treatment is the wonderfully cheeky sci-fi comedy Galaxy Quest, which Paramount Television is currently molding for the small screen. If we don't get any new Star Trek or Hitchhiker’s Guide series any time soon, this is absolutely the next best thing.

It’s not clear how Galaxy Quest will be adapted for TV, but it wouldn’t really need to be stretched far beyond the plot of the original film. Released in 1999, Galaxy Quest centered on the cast of a long-canceled space adventure series coming together to show off their true heroism after they’re transported to an alien world, where they must defend a group of aliens from an evil overlord. Maybe they’ll switch up the mediums and have the cast come from a set of famous sci-fi movies. Either way, we’re in.

Fans are undoubtedly wondering who might be returning from the film version for the TV show, and there are a few familiar folks, but they’re all behind the scenes so far. Paramount TV is bringing back the film’s co-screenwriter Robert Gordon, who also wrote Lemony Snicket and Men in Black II, and he’s expected to pen at least part of the series, according to Deadline. As well, the film’s director Dean Parisot (who last directed RED 2) and producer Mark Johnson (of Breaking Bad fame) will be back as executive producers. It’s certainly possible Parisot could get behind the camera again, as he’s recently directed episodes of Justified and Netflix’s upcoming series Grace and Frankie.

Those guys are definite plusses to have as the foundation for this potential series, but Galaxy Quest had one of the greatest casts imaginable. And though it’s unlikely that many (if any) will return, that could be the biggest make-or-break aspect. The film starred Tim Allen as the de facto lead, and though he’s got Last Man Standing on ABC, he’s certainly one of the more likely actors who could return, as well as fellow TV vets Tony Shalhoub, Daryl Mitchell and Enrico Colantoni. This was Justin Long’s film debut, and he was very positive earlier this year about coming back for a possible Galaxy Quest 2, so here’s hoping he’s as just keen on doing it as a series. And let’s not forget that this was also Office star Rainn Wilson’s first film role, so he could be a possible returnee as well.

I don’t think I could say the same for the more feature-friendly actors in the bunch, though, such as Sigourney Weaver and Alan Rickman. Sam Rockwell is also presumably doubtful, but this would be an excellent project for his first major TV role in almost 20 years. Even if these three only popped in for bit parts, that would be great.

Whichever actors do or don’t return, that won’t take away our excitement for Galaxy Quest coming back to our lives in any more. Never give up. Never surrender.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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