For those of you already looking forward to the next new episode of Glee, we have some photos to share with you, some of which feature the return of Chord Overstreet. There are also some spoilers on the circumstances that bring Sam back to the series ahead!

Our recap of last night's episode ("I Kissed A Girl") here.

Sectionals are coming up and one of the photos below features the alt-Glee club “The Trouble Tones” performing for the competition and looking very good doing it. But before we get to that, talked to Chord Overstreet about his return to the series, which begins next Tuesday night (December 6th) in “Hold On to Sixteen.” Overstreet explains how his character ends up returning to McKinley High School:
"Finn and Rachel come find me and ask my parents if I can come back to help them win Sectionals. Rachel says I can stay at one of their houses, and then everything picks up where it left off."

As for how long fans can expect to see Sam around on the show, he says it’s “undetermined at the moment.”

Below are the photos, among which are shots that appear to show the costumes New Directions will be sporting for Sectionals.

Glee airs Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET on Fox.

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