Gotham Will Feature 2 Sudden Deaths At The Beginning Of Season 2

While Season 1 of Gotham initially took on more of a procedural-style of storytelling, viewers can expect a more serialized, arc-driven Season 2. And it sounds like death will be used to jumpstart at least one of those arcs, as we can expect two major characters to bite the dust early in the season. Something tells me Bruce Wayne is safe.

While it’s not yet known which two characters will be going up to that big nefarious underworld in the sky – because everyone knows that spoilers are the world’s true master villains – there are a couple of clues that might help us determine who they are. According to TV Guide, the first of the deaths is extremely sudden and will no doubt take viewers completely by surprise. I can’t see them killing off any of the major villains-in-training like Penguin or Selina “Catwoman” Kyle, so they’re out, and I will boycott this show if Donal Logue is murdered. Considering we’ve got Michael Chiklis coming into GCPD in a leadership role, it’s plausible that Captain Essen might have trouble coming her way.

The second clue is more direct and specifically tied to a character, as the other death will be a major emotional punch to James Gordon, and it will continue to affect him throughout the season, guiding his motivations as things progress. There are two clear frontrunners for this choice, as Gordon basically has zilch for a personal life outside of the woman from his past, Barbara Kean, and the woman from his present, Dr. Leslie Thompkins. Considering Barbara is currently inside of Arkham Asylum and assumedly up to absolutely no good, it doesn’t seem like her death, unexpected or otherwise, would change Gordon’s life in any major ways in the future. But if Leslie were to die, especially if Barbara (or someone else that Gordon knows) would be the person to kill her, then I can see that having a major effect on his life choices.

When Season 2 kicks off, the newest big bad Theo Galavan, played by James Frain, will gather together a squad of highly dangerous Arkham Asylum inmates that will go by the name The Maniax – and yes, Cameron Monaghan’s probable Joker-to –be Jerome is in that bunch. I expect that this group will be responsible for at least one of the major deaths coming, if not both of them. Theo Galavan looks like the kind of guy who doesn’t mind leaving multiple bodies in his wake.

Get ready to watch all the villains in the world run amok in Gotham City as Gotham Season 2 will premiere on Fox on Monday, September 21.

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