Grimm Season 2 Spoiler Photo: A Look At Clawed Villain

Those who are excited for the return of Grimm have less than a month to wait until the beast-filled drama series makes its grand return to NBC. So we should probably expect to see some hints, clues, tidbits and teasers trickling in for Season 2 as August approaches. In the case of this photo, it's a look at the first scary beast set to threaten Nick in the new season. Spoilers ahead!

EW ran the photo below, which depicts what Grimm co-creator David Greenwalt refers to as "the worst thing that's ever come." This thing can apparently kill a whole village.

Here, kitty, kitty! Those are some sharp looking teeth he has, though I have to say, I like the stripe action on his head. From what EW posts, Greenwalt says this kitty cat likes to play with his prey and watch it before he pounces. "He'll never be predictable." Sounds just like a cat. As for what's ahead for Season 2, executive producer Jim Kouf is quoted as saying that this season is "more focused on Nick now. Before, it was catch what [monsters] came across his desk. These are more directed toward him."

It makes sense when you think about it. The more active Nick is with his Grimm-responsibilities, the more of a target he's likely to put on himself.

Grimm returns for Season 2 on August 13 on NBC.

Kelly West
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