The clip above is mostly a normal preview, honing in on the super strange characters that make Happy Endings a watchable and even enjoyable comedy. However, the angle that ABC is taking in the clip is extremely bizarre and it seems highly likely to backfire. Next week’s Happy Endings preview is asking fans to save the show.

Oftentimes when a program is potentially up to get axed, fans will come out of the woodwork to try to get the network to keep a show around. Sometimes outlets will write editorials, or Facebook groups will be created, and I’ve even seen petitions put together to keep people or shows on the air. However, what weirds me out about this “save this show” thing for Happy Endings is that it is network-generated. It’s almost like ABC is taunting its loyal viewers, telling them that if they don’t show up on Fridays, it’s all over for the series. Hey ABC, if it is likely to be over, what’s the point in showing up to watch, anymore?

Happy Endings has kind of been shunted around this season, with the network moving the show around on its schedule, as well as airing it in double episodes for part of the season, which will force the show to end Season 3 early in spring schedule. To me, that says ABC has already made up its mind, but apparently, the network is wanting to give the show one more shot on Friday nights. Happy Endings has been on the bubble for cancellation for years, so we’ll see if this year actually turns out to be the end.

Happy Endings will air double episodes on Friday nights on ABC beginning on March 29. The episodes will air from 8-9 p.m. ET for the remainder of the season.

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