Here's The Lane Bryant Ad That Networks Supposedly Refused To Air

It isn’t that often that things get banned or rejected these days in relation to television, as most people in the biz know what the limits are in getting risqué ideas across. But it does happen, and the latest “offending” party is Lane Bryant, as the plus-sized women’s clothing company reportedly had its newest commercial turned away by several networks. But it’s online, of course, and you can watch it below.

Both ABC and NBC passed on the commercial, according to TMZ, offering up no actual reasoning behind turning the ad down, merely saying that it couldn’t be aired “as is.” NBC allegedly went so far as to suggest making a small edit to comply with the indecency guidelines for broadcast TV, although it’s not clear what would have to be edited out.

As with anything that gets deemed “too something or other” to get seen by the general public, there’s a line in the sand where you’re either in agreement that this wasn’t fit to be aired on TV or you think that the networks in question are completely ridiculous for balking at the undergarments ad. We’re not interested in guiding anyone over to either angle, because we like to keep our debates on the lighter side, but it’s worth thinking about how this banned commercial compares to some of the other things that are allowed to happen on TV.

Ashley Graham and the other models are in the buff for part of the Lane Bryant spot, and in bras and panties during the rest. But this is hardly the only clothing company (or TV show) to show some skin to draw some eyeballs, and one has to wonder if Victoria’s Secret ever gets any of its commercials axed for content. That’s when the argument shifts to these being plus-sized models and hinges on the media’s supposed preference for putting skinny people in front of a camera. But no one in an official capacity would likely ever admit to that being the issue, so the argument is void here.

If the offensive thing here isn’t semi-nudity and/or curvy bodies, then the only other part of the ad that could possibly raise a censor’s eyebrow is the breastfeeding moment. Not a lot of comparisons to make here, since not a lot of shows breach that motherly act, especially on broadcast TV. But breastfeeding has become a hot button topic in recent years, so while I wouldn’t be in favor of this ad getting pulled over it, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the reason, either.

Sometimes banned commercials involve KISS’ Paul Stanley singing about coffee, and sometimes they involve full-figured women stretching and throwing kicks. What do you guys think about it?

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