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If any of you out there thought that Netflix would allow House of Cards to end the way it did without giving the Underwoods another crack at making Washington D.C. their own, you’re just as crazy as everyone trying to take Frank down. Netflix has announced they are indeed bringing House of Cards back for Season 4. This calls for a drink and a song from Russian President Viktor Petrov.

The announcement didn’t come from the White House, but from the House of Cards Twitter page, where a key Frank Underwood quote was used to get binge-watchers anxious for another round of backroom deals and dangerous decisions.

Since Netflix is pretty hardcore about keeping its viewing information under wraps, we’re not quite sure how well Season 3 did in comparison to the earlier seasons, but it was apparently enough to convince the streaming service that this Kevin Spacey-Robin Wright train needs to keep on rolling. Critical responses for Season 3 have been arguably more mixed that in previous years, with some lauding the show’s backpedaling from its overly soapy second season, and others saying it just wasn’t dramatic enough. I’m of the former camp, but I can’t deny that one particular character’s plotline left much to be desired.

Check out the following White House video and head to the 3:58 mark to see Barack Obama giving a particularly awful Frank Underwood impression. And then be warned that there’s some spoiler talk under the video.

Skip the next paragraph if you haven’t seen Season 3, because there are spoilers.

Where, oh where, can Season 4 go? I’m guessing it’ll continue following Frank’s campaign trail as he tries to reach the presidency through an election for the first time. Hopefully Doug will be back on good terms with the Underwoods for more wheeling and dealing, instead of being held to his lonesome for most of the season like he was in Season 3. That is, of course, if the Underwoods are even still together, as Claire’s shocking announcement will undoubtedly take things down a weird path next year. Though hopefully not one that takes all 13 episodes, as the Underwoods are far more enjoyable as a team than as separate entities.

The spoilers are over now

Netflix has been on a roll in the past few days, renewing Bloodline and putting in a series order for David Cross and Bob Odenkirk’s new sketch show With Bob and David. As well, they’re supposedly nearing a deal to bring a Full House spinoff to audiences who just can’t get enough of the Tanners. Danny Tanner vs. Frank Underwood should be the next UFC pay-per-view’s main event.

Considering each season of House of Cards has premiered two weeks after the previous season debuted, we can probably expect to see Season 4 hitting Netflix in the beginning of March 2016. We’ll probably know who’s running for the actual U.S. presidency by then.

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