How Kara Will React To Her Sister's Big Secret On Supergirl

Supergirl threw fans a curveball a few weeks ago during the episode “For the Girl Who Has Everything,” when we saw Kara’s sister Alex use that mighty Kryptonite sword to off her adoptive sister’s evil aunt Astra. The even bigger twist, of course, was that Kara was told that DEO head Hank Henshaw is the one who killed her aunt. Well, we knew that wouldn’t stay a secret for very long, right? And now we have some inside info on how the big reveal will impact the sisters' relationship.

It does get resolved. It’s pretty earth-shattering for Astra to die, regardless of who killed her, because [Kara] has so few remaining family — and Kryptonians in general — that it shook her to the core. Just the fact that Astra died in the first place, but finding out that it was her sister, it’ll be a big deal.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, actress Melissa Benoist reveals that once Kara finds out about the truth surrounding Astra’s death, it will be very difficult for her to deal with the betrayal.

As Melissa Benoist says, Kara is still reeling from the death of one of her (very) few family members when the truth comes out. So, finding out that she’s been lied to about what led to that emotional death is going to throw her for another loop. Add to that the realization that she’s been angry at the wrong person, and her dear sister is actually to blame and agreed to keep the lie going, and Kara will likely be devastated.

Honestly, only someone as sweet and well-meaning as Kara could get so pissed about her aunt’s death. Astra has been a thorn in Kara’s side from the beginning of her time as a newly-minted superhero. Astra has been planning, along with her equally evil husband Non, to take over humanity with a mysterious scheme known as Myriad. She also made a mighty big habit of trying to take revenge on her dead twin sister (Kara’s mom Alura) for imprisoning her at Fort Rozz, by taking all her anger out on Kara. Really, if someone in your family was trying to kill you and subjugate all of humanity, wouldn’t you be kinda glad to see them go? Not Kara, though. Her hope and belief in forgiveness got in the way of such thinking where Astra was concerned.

If we put aside the whole evil aunt thing, what sucks most about this for Kara is the lie was told at all. The Danvers girls are a good team; Alex has always kept her sister’s secrets and being Supergirl is a big one. The two also work well at the DEO, with Alex even using her government training to help Kara learn actual hand-to-hand combat tactics instead of relying on her powers for every fight with the bad guys.

Well, it sounds like Kara will eventually be able to put her troubles with Alex behind her and accept what her sister did, which makes perfect sense. Kara is not one to let her few remaining loved ones slip away.

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