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How Netflix's Luke Cage Will Be Different From The Comics

Marvel Studios’ Defenders universe has become one of the most engaging parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and one of the best sources for content on Netflix. Daredevil and Jessica Jones blew us away, and that was just the beginning. That tradition of excellence seems poised to continue with the long-awaited Luke Cage series, which will premiere in September. Luke Cage is a hero with a rabid fan base and a long, colorful comic book history but – according to series star Mike Colter – that won’t stop Marvel from making certain changes to help him feel at home in a modern, realistic world.

We’re going to give all the fans all the things they want. But we’ve got to bring it up a bit and step into the current time. So we’re going to make sure everybody’s happy, but don’t expect a yellow shirt every day. Let’s put it that way … We brought it to mustard. We started there. We knocked it down a bit. Not so bright.

As a comic book hero created during a bygone era, Luke Cage’s origins harken back to the time of Blaxploitation – something which might not translate well for a modern audience. Like Mike Colter explained in his statement to EW, his solo series will certainly acknowledge all of the vital elements of the hero that fans want to see whilst maintaining the contemporary feeling that Netflix has established. He uses the iconic color of the hero’s shirt to make his point; no longer the bright yellow we have come to expect, Marvel has opted for a more muted, “mustard” tone.

This revelation shouldn’t come as a major surprise to any Marvel fan that has kept up with Marvel’s Netflix properties. Although some truly outlandish characters have started to populate the burgeoning Defenders universe, the studio has endeavored to keep everything as grounded and realistic as possible while maintaining the integrity of the characters.

Although Daredevil eventually gave Matt Murdock his iconic red suit, Jessica Jones kept things credible by actively mocking the titular heroine’s comic book outfit. Luke Cage will seemingly maintain that tradition by acknowledging certain flamboyant aspects of the Harlem-based hero’s mythos while grounding him within the tone of the greater universe.

Luke Cage premiered during last November’s Jessica Jones, and fans seemed immediately enamored with Mike Colter’s take on the character. While Marvel Studios and Netflix will make some necessary changes to Luke Cage, we have faith that those decisions will serve the greater Defenders universe.

We will see how those changes come into effect when Luke Cage finally premieres on Netflix later this year on September 30. For all other information concerning upcoming TV premieres be sure to check out our summer TV schedule to learn more!

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