How Steve Harvey Feels About The Miss Universe Debacle

We know Steve Harvey feels horribly about the events that occurred during the Miss Universe 2015 pageant, when Miss Colombia was accidentally crowned for two minutes after Harvey read the card wrong. He’s apologized to the fans and the injured parties, but this week he finally spoke out about he feels about what happened at the tail end of 2015. During an event from National Association of Television Program Executives, Steve Harvey finally explained what happened and how he’s dealt in the time since. Here’s what he had to say.

I was asking God to help me increase my global persona. I don't appreciate the route he took. You've got to be real specific with God. It was a challenging night for sure.

I love that Steve Harvey has a sense of humor regarding his relationship with God. Still, I’m not sure we can put the blame on the almighty creator here, as reports indicate Steve Harvey may not have stuck around at rehearsals for as long as he should have. Reports indicate he may not have practiced reading the card to reveal the runners-up and the ultimate winner. To his credit, if you don’t know where to look, the Miss Universe winner’s announcement is a little confusing. The two runners-up are listed on the left and then the winner is typed out way down on the righthand side of the card. Clearly the winner is listed in bold, but when the pressure is on from the people watching, when there are tons of spotlights glaring in your face and when you don’t know where to look on the card, it's easy to see how a mistake could have been made.

steve harvey card

In the aftermath of the event, Miss Colombia, aka Ariadna Gutierrez, was pretty upset about getting the crown and the sash for two whole minutes before her dreams were dashed and the crown went to Philippines’ Pia Alzono Wurtzbach. She’s not the only one. In Colombia, citizens were angry about their contestant ultimately being humiliated and eventually even burned effigies of the Family Feud host. As THR is reporting, Steve Harvey has a sense of humor about that one, too.

Colombia was hot. In the Philippines, I'm king. Colombia, I can't even fly over their airspace. I won't be going.

Alls well that ends well, and things are panning out super nicely for Steve Harvey, who is reportedly returning to host the Miss Universe pageant at the end of 2016. The good news? Reading the card incorrectly is most definitely a mistake the man will never make again, I'm presuming even in jest.

Jessica Rawden
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