MTV is really trying to appeal to older audiences. It all started with Jersey Shore, but since then MTV has brought back Beavis and Butthead, as well as created a slew of scripted projects like Underemployed and Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous that have been picked up for series. I have a hunch this is all to break into the coveted 18-49 demographic, but if so, it seems to be a good thing. I think most people are over, or getting over, the Teen Mom stuff, and since music-video viewership has moved to the Internet, the network has to go somewhere.

MTV has further solidified its hunt for a new demographic by getting into business with Jennifer Lopez. The pop star and businesswoman has had a busy year. She’s back for another season of American Idol, her multicultural show Q’Viva: The Chosen is prepping to air, and now Lopez is putting together a whole new show for MTV -- one that could potentially speak to two new audiences.

The as-yet-untitled project will follow a recent college graduate named Lina Molina. Because the economy sucks, Molina’s NYU degree will mean next to nil for the character, and she will be forced to move back to Texas to hang out with her over-the-top and sometimes strange Mexican family. According to THR, Lopez’s partners at her Nuyorican Productions company, Simon Fields and Benny Medina, will executive produce alongside the star. Grace Parra, a writer on Glory Daze, will pen the comedy.

This idea could potentially be genius. Without knowing what tone the comedy will take and how good its storyline will be, it is really hard to guess whether or not it will do well. However, if MTV can manage to pull in some of the average 18-49 audience with a recent-college-graduate story and then pull in an extra percentage of viewers specifically from a Latino audience, the program could do extremely well. If it doesn’t, what the hell, Lopez always has Idol to fall back on.

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