After a few months on the fence, Jennifer Lopez has finally made a decision about her American Idol tenure. Only yesterday, she spoke out in wishy-washy terms, announcing she was still thinking the idea over. However, after fellow judge Steven Tyler, who began judging the same season as Lopez, decided to call it quits, the star has also decided to tell her Idol fans it was good while it lasted.

It’s only fitting the “On the Floor” singer would wait until her appearance on American Idol host Ryan Seacrest’s radio show to make her announcement. Though the pop star has been on plenty of television shows with wide audiences promoting the newest Ice Age flick of late, the bonds between the two Idol crew members is undeniable, although THR is noting Seacrest is adamant he had nothing to do with Lopez’s decision.

For Lopez, the decision to quit the hit Fox show has come at a busy time of her life. She’s been acting in plenty of movies as well as running Q’Viva! with her former husband, Marc Anthony. The singer is also planning a tour with Enrique Iglesias in the coming months. She spoke out Friday about having to give up a lot just to accomplish Idol.
"I honestly feel like the time has come for me to doing the other things I do that I've kind of put on hold because I love Idol so much."

Despite announcing she is leaving, the singer says she would love to stick around in a more informal guest judging capacity. So, even though we may have three brand new main judges on next year’s panel, there may still be a few familiar faces popping up onscreen.

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