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Katee Sackhoff Is Creating A New Sci-Fi Series And It Sounds Great

Sci-fi fans have been waiting for six years to see Katee Sackhoff return to genre television, and it looks like it will happen much sooner than later. The former Battlestar Galactica star is set to take on the futuristic project Rain, and what’s more, she created the whole shebang herself.

In Rain, Sackhoff will play the title character, a soldier in an evolutionary tale that looks at where our species is potentially headed in the future. She’ll be dealing with the extended effects of global warming, the eradication of fossil fuels, and how science’s interference in the natural order of things has played a large part in the world’s downfall. Sounds like more of a political platform than a sci-fi series, but we’re interested to see how the story gets told.

Sackhoff wrote the script for Rain, although it isn’t clear yet just how many episodes she’s looking to tell her story with. For the drama, she is teaming up with Continuum producers Reunion Pictures, and she’ll be executive producing through her company Fly Free Productions, according to Deadline. Since it’s still in the early stages, Rain doesn’t have a network home in the cards just yet, but Syfy seems like a good bet, considering her and Reunion’s relationship with them. (They’re also behind the recently premiered Olympus.)

Those familiar with Sackhoff’s social media standing might remember one of the last times the actress got a little political, which ended up costing her a huge chunk of her Twitter followers. That was back in 2013, when she tweeted “Please practice gun safety,” after that Arizona man accidentally killed his four-year-old son. Her words enraged a lot of people at the time, and one has to wonder whether a global warming-infused drama is going to have a similar outpour of negativity. Here’s hoping that’s not the case, though, because nobody needs that.

Sackhoff, who appeared in NBC’s Bionic Woman during her time working on Battlestar Galactica’s four-season run on Syfy (then Sci-Fi Channel), has a line of TV sci-fi work that also covers appearances on Futurama, The Big Bang Theory and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Her current small screen career has her front and center on Longmire, the western drama that is switching from A&E to Netflix later this year. She was also recently seen in the horror Oculus, the crime drama Tell, and Joseph Kahn’s fan-made Power/Rangers short film that took the Internet by storm earlier this year. Her upcoming projects include Dorie Barton’s drama Girl Flu and possibly an action thriller opposite Gina Carano.

We can’t wait to see where Rain ends up, assuming the world is still here when that happens. Stay tuned.

Nick Venable
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