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The summer season is generally a time where massive action-packed blockbusters hit theaters to give audiences a high-octane vacation from their daily lives. Luckily, television is gradually taking note by delivering its own brand of popcorn entertainment in the traditional seasonal hiatus. It doesn’t get much bigger or more explosive than TNT’s post-apocalyptic drama The Last Ship, and fans can sit back comfortably in the captain’s chair knowing that TNT has already given The Last Ship an order for Season 3. I guess we shouldn’t expect everything to get figured out in the next few weeks then.

Even though Season 2 of The Last Ship has taken a slight tumble in the ratings as compared to Season 1, it’s still being watched by a ton of people, and it doesn’t seem like TNT would be willing to part with the fan favorite actioner anytime soon. After its freshman season took over as basic cable’s top new series with total viewers in the key adult demo, things haven’t fallen too far as The Last Ship currently ranks as the summer’s top scripted basic cable series in the same demographic. The network says that across the range of viewing platforms (live, VOD, digital and mobile), the show is getting watched by an average of 9 million people a week.

Not to get spoilery or anything, but Season 2 has seen the crew – including Eric Dane’s Tom Chandler, Adam Baldwin’s Mike Slattery and Rhona Mitra’s Rachel Scott – face huge threats in the form of Alfre Woodard’s self-righteous Amy Granderson and a group of immune survivors (rightfully called The Immunes), who consider themselves the future of the planet. Our heroes are also dealing with more deaths and the search for a cure, all while eventually hitting the road (or the water) for New Orleans.

Check out a Last Ship clip below, in which Chandler utters the soon-to-be-classic line “We’re bringing a Navy ship to a gun fight.”

There are four episodes of Season 2 left for fans to dig into, and TNT is touting that last episode as a “gripping cliffhanger,” so I guess it’s a damned good thing it got renewed, otherwise we’d have all been wondering what the hell happened. If you’ve missed any episodes this season, you can check them out on the network’s website and mobile app, as well as through VOD.

The non-immune world can expect to find The Last Ship Season 3 hitting TNT in the summer of 2016.

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