Hugh Jackman’s has had an impressive run as Wolverine in the X-Men films, but in life, all things must come to an end. Last month, the actor confirmed that James Mangold’s currently untitled third Wolverine film in 2017 will be his last time popping the claws. There’s been a lot of speculation about what the final installment will be about, but other than small hints like it not taking place in a time already seen in these films, the creative talent are staying silent. However, one popular guess among fans has been an adaptation alternate universe tale Old Man Logan.

While appearing on the Marvel Movie News videocast, Umberto Gonzales of Heroic Hollywood mentioned a rumor that Wolverine 3 will be based on the 2008 story by writer Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven, which followed an older Wolverine who has renounced his violent ways and is forced to travel across the United States and deal with various Marvel villains. This story would certainly function as an effective wrap-up for Jackman’s Wolverine, but unfortunately for fans, the rumor was debunked today as apparently the story is still being worked out. Which is a good thing. For while an Old Man Logan might have made for an interesting big screen spectacle, there are several reasons why it wouldn’t have work, both in terms of adapting the original story and making it fit within this cinematic universe. Let's hash them out:

Marvel Owns Most Of The Characters
Marvel Owns Most Of The Characters
The biggest obstacle facing an Old Man Logan movie is the fact that most of the story’s cast is unusable. Why? Because Marvel Studios and Sony (who are now working together) own the characters. The story’s cast of characters includes blind Hawkeye, a dictator Hulk who’s in an incestuous relationship with cousin She-Hulk, Kingpin, Red Skull, Mysterio and many more. All the important mutants are dead, with only Wolverine and Emma Frost playing a huge role, and in the film series, Emma was killed after X-Men: First Class. While some of the X-Men and their foes could be kept alive in the film, there just aren’t enough characters to make this a proper adaptation. Even Captain America: Civil War, which can’t use the X-Men and Fantastic Four, will use major players like Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man and the various Avengers. Outside of the titular character, an Old Man Logan story can't do that without heavy revisions.

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