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The CW has plenty to offer in the way of superhero fare. Arrow and The Flash both revolve around one character, but Legends of Tomorrow features an ensemble cast that can grow at any given time. The show has the vast library of DC characters as well as the freedom to incorporate original characters without too many strings attached. Season 2 is going to see two badass new faces join Rip Hunter and the rest of the crew as they travel through time.

Casting is already underway for the two new characters, according to TVLine. In an interesting change from the crew in Season 1, the two newcomers will be plucked out of a different period of history rather than picked up en masse from the present day.

One of the characters is set to be a woman from the 1940s. She’s a member of a paramilitary team comprised of the best of the best. Her race as an African-American as well as her gender have meant that she’s worked double time to be accepted among her peers. Unfortunately, she experienced a tragedy that cost the life of one of the members of her team for whom she harbored unresolved feelings. Thanks to the fact that she blames herself and wants to avenge the death, she should fit right in with the legends of Legends. Depending on whether or not she follows in the footsteps of Rip Hunter, we may see her quest for vengeance turn into a mission to meddle with time to undo her tragedy.

The other character that Legends of Tomorrow is looking to cast will be a man in his late-20s to mid-30s. His grandfather was a World War II hero, and he has had to find ways to cover the insecurities that stem from comparisons. He’s been described as adopting a Han Solo-esque persona. Unlike Han Solo, however, this new character will develop superpowers. He’ll want to use his new powers to distinguish himself as a man worth noticing outside of his family legacy. There’s no information yet regarding just how he’ll gain these superpowers, but hopefully they’ll be wild enough to set him apart from all of the other characters who have been introduced on Legends of Tomorrow so far.

The ensemble cast of Legends of Tomorrow has meant that the characters have the potential to drop in and out of the show without changing its course too much. Nevertheless, producer Marc Guggenheim has already revealed the show won’t be doing a complete overhaul of the cast. There will be empty chairs in the Waverider by the end of Season 1, but we can expect that at least some of the major players will be back for more adventures in Season 2. If these new characters turn out to be regulars, they may have a tough time setting themselves apart in a big cast already filled with interesting characters.

Season 1 only has two episodes left, so we’ll soon be seeing which of those occupied chairs will be empty heading into Season 2. Legends of Tomorrow airs on Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. Check out our breakdown of what we know so far about Season 2, and don’t forget to have a look at our summer TV premiere schedule.