Mario Lopez Will Host The X Factor Season 3 Without Khloe Kardashian

The X Factor’s main cast has never been particularly stable, with judges and hosts leaving after Season 1 and Season 2. However, Fox announced today that one host will remain the same in Season 3—Mario Lopez will return as the host of Fox’s other singing competition series, although the same can’t be said about Khloe Kardashian.

The Extra host had the capacity to keep things running smoothly during Season 2. He also genuinely seemed to be having a good time onstage and showed far more empathy than the very wooden Steve Jones managed in Season 1. For all of those reasons, it’s not a shocker The X Factor would want Lopez to return. Cowell addressed Lopez’s skill sets on Monday, noting he is happy the host will be returning to the series.

“I’m thrilled Mario is back for Season Three of THE X FACTOR. Hosting a live show and keeping the judges – especially Demi – in line, is not an easy job, but Mario is a pro and we are glad he’s coming back.”

While Fox’s press release made no mention of Khloe Kardashian at all, much less noting Kardashian is done with the series, according to Deadline, that is exactly what has happened. With Kardashian’s horrible and blatant reading of the teleprompter and with her occasionally uncouth comments, it’s no surprise Kardashian will not be returning to The X Factor. Early reports indicated she would be out and those rumors seem to have had a foundation.

A reality television program that relies on a live studio audience already has to deal with plenty of unknowns and put out plenty of small fires. I’m sure producers don’t also want to deal with Khloe making comments about contestants (and Simon) looking sexy and the like. Confirmed for Season 3 are Cowell, Demi Lovato, and now Lopez. We’ll keep you updated as the singing competition series continues to fill up the judging slots.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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