Marvel's Next TV Show May Center On An Unexpected Hero, Here's What We Know

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe currently bigger than it has ever been – and only getting more explosive when Captain America: Civil War comes out – it’s harder to tell just what superheroes and dastardly villains will make their way to live-action next, since many of the A-listers already joined the party. If everything goes accordingly to how film poster artist Ciara McAvoy tells it, though, we may see the across-the-pond hero Captain Britain getting his own TV show in the future. Here’s how she dropped the recent (and unofficial) announcement.

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Whoa. Here we are, at a point in the MCU when we’re wondering if Captain America is going to live on or be replaced after dying, and Marvel is reportedly developing a small screen take on Cap’s English pseudo-counterpart? Love it. Someone being hired to mock up a poster obviously isn’t a wiggle-free confirmation from Marvel that she show is shooting for existence, and I can’t imagine that the company’s higher-ups were thinking kind thoughts when McAvoy put her tweet out there. But they didn’t make her take it down, either.

People obviously had many questions for McAvoy, who said earlier today that nothing could be revealed just yet, and that she is waiting on the co-producer to give permission to say anything else. She also repeated several times that it was a real thing, and said the show would definitely be centered on Captain Britain; the character debuted in an anthology comic, so it’s understandable why him sharing the spotlight might be a concern. Considering how much screentime Daredevil shared with his growing list of co-stars, though, nothing about a titular hero’s presence can be guaranteed.


Captain Britain was created in 1976, first appearing in Captain Britain Weekly #1. His alter ego most of the time, Brian Braddock, was a brainy guy born to aristocratic parents who died under somewhat mysterious circumstances. Braddock’s own near-death experience introduced him to the mystical Merlyn and his daughter Roma. He accepts the Amulet of Right from them and it transforms him into the superheroic Captain Marvel, giving him powers such as strength, speed, flight, super-senses and others that are more tied to the magical side of the fictional universe. The character has faced a host of rogues over the years, including the Arabian Knight and Slaymaster, and has also made the rounds with other heroes, like the Avengers. Captain Britain has previously been seen on TV in animated form in X-Men, The Super Hero Squad Show and Marvel Anime: X-Men.

Marvel’s current output on Netflix is in the upper tier of television entertainment, with the recently released Daredevil Season 2 earning good reviews. (Not to mention the streaming giant’s fun-filled future, with Luke Cage arriving next.) And there have also been rumors floating around for months about other Marvel projects that Netflix might be cooking up. Over on ABC, we know Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is getting at least one more season, although the same can’t yet be said for Agent Carter.

If Captain Britain will indeed kick into high gear in the future, would it end up on either of the previously mentioned outlets, or would the comic company aim to bring it elsewhere? Maybe BBC America for a Doctor Who crossover? It’s not likely, but anything is possible where superheroes and time travel is concerned.

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