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It looks like Netflix is recovering from the damage done to their reputation with customers last year after the price hike and confusion over the on-then-off splitting off of DVD services. Stocks plummeted last year and had everyone watching to see if the company could dig their way out of the hole. And dig they have.

Netflix stocks are on the rise, impressing analysts according to Reuters and giving the company plenty of hope for the future. After hitting an all time low in November, the stocks have nearly doubled from that low and are once again looking like a good bet for investors. Netflix has been working on adding new content and has seen subscribers increase again – both returning customers and new ones.

With new content for the streaming service keeping people watching, and spending on content increasing, Netflix seems to be holding its own. Their big coup recently was the announcement that they will start airing new episodes of Arrested Development in 2013, much to the delight of many fans. However, there is still the end of the contract with Starz to contend with next month, which will hurt the Netflix streaming library. Hopefully the increase in spending will mean new contracts and content to replace what is lost along with the Starz agreement.

Although some other streaming services are doing very well for themselves - Hulu ‘s growth has been exceptional - there is still no real competitor in the streaming market for Netflix. That doesn’t mean they can rest on their laurels though; the world of streaming is really starting to open up and there are some newcomers with potential and money backing them to provide the content.

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