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If somebody were to post a job that required traveling around the world and getting paid to Instagram pictures, I think the line to acquire said job would probably be rather long. The good news? This is a real job the subscription streaming service Netflix is offering. The bad news? If you want it, you better be prepared to fight through a whole bunch of other applicants to win the job.

This week, Netflix revealed that the company wants to hire four people to become official grammasters—they picked that ridiculous job title, not us. Those who decide to apply for the gig need an Instagram account and a knack for taking compelling photos. If you have both of those things, Netflix may hire you for a two-week stint. During that time, you’ll get paid $2,000 per week and will get to visit the sets of films, shows and even Netflix originals located in different parts of the world, with Netflix also footing the bill for your travel. Obviously, being a TV and movies fan and not just a good photographer is a huge plus.

Netflix recently released all of its official rules for applying for the job, including submitting a sum total of three pictures by a certain date. Eventually, the subscription streaming service plans to whittle the applicants down to 25 and then down to four finalists from that 25. Because you will be hired and paid by Netflix, you’ll also have to be totally cool with Netflix using your own likeness and your photos however they want. Does all of this sound great? Perfect, you can apply for the job, here.

Travel is cool enough, but going on set visits is a pretty exotic sort of trip for those who don’t get to do them regularly, if ever. So, if you’re a fan of Netflix programming, it could be a great opportunity to get your foot in the door, networking-wise. Or, if you love movies and TV and are just looking for some fun experiences, this could be a good gig, as well.

Netflix has been innovative in a lot of ways. The subscription streaming service basically invented the binge-watch model and has led the pack in terms of original programming being created for streaming platforms. This new idea seems like a way to get subscribers to be more engaged with the Netflix process, while also getting some free advertising for the streaming service in the process. Sounds like a win-win.

Currently, the streaming service isn’t revealing which sets fans will visit, although I think it’s interesting that sets for some non-originals are listed along with Netflix originals. Suffice to say, this whole thing is still a unique and fun opportunity for potential applicants. Just make sure you aren’t breaking copyright while you apply.

If you are more gifted in areas that don’t involve photography or becoming a grammaster, at least you can still watch Netflix’s originals, amiright? Find out more about what’s coming up with our Netflix TV premiere schedule.

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