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The Official Fuller House Trailer Is Cheesy But Perfect

Fuller House has been moving forward over at Netflix for some time now, and the streaming service has been releasing teasers and images from the upcoming series in recent weeks. However, we hadn’t gotten a full trailer until this morning. Andrea Barber, Jodie Sweetin and Candace Cameron-Bure all appeared on Ellen on Tuesday to chat about their time on set, and they revealed the first full trailer in the process. You can check it out, below.

The trailer doesn’t start until the 2:30 mark, but there’s actually a really funny story about how Andrea Barber and Candace Cameron-Bure’s real-life hangout turned into an episode of Full House. I suggest giving it a watch, but if you fast forward, you’ll get straight to the juicy stuff, which includes a big hug fest between Uncle Jesse, Joey and Danny Tanner and John Stamos busting out some sweet lines, including but not limited to:

Before we eat I have something very important to say; Damn we all still look good.

So most of it is cheesy and yet oh-so-perfect at the same time. Kimmy is still channeling her inner nineties kid and there’s even a pretty good use of one of the show’s many catchphrases, “You got it dude.” However, later in the trailer, we get into the the more compelling part of the sitcom spinoff. Just like Full House, Fuller House will explore how it can be tough to be a single parent taking care of kids, even when there is plenty of help around. The latter portion of the trailer is less about the gags and more about family, which is exactly what audiences should be looking for.

fuller house still

Television hasn’t gotten a lot more sophisticated in recent years. But as storylines get edgy, so have the jokes, the violence and the language, not to mention the potential for onscreen sex. Because Netflix is a streaming service, it can get away with being as edgy as it wants to be. However, it’s actually pretty nice that Netflix is offering a ton of different alternatives to its audience. You can watch an angry Jessica Jones get a little too drunk and beat people up, but if that gets to be a lot, the gentle family lessons in Fuller House might be a nice alternative. Plus, it should prove to be one of the few sitcoms on TV right now that are tame enough for adults and kids and meant for more of a family audience.

Fuller House is expected to bring back most of the original cast members, sans the Olsen twins, and the Ellen episode even reveals the door is open for the Olsens to come back, should they want to.

Fuller House hits the schedule on February 26 at 12:01 a.m. PT. To find out when other Netflix shows are premiering or returning, check out our full Netflix premiere schedule.

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