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Although we’ve seen some footage from Orange is the New Black Season 3, details on the new season haven’t been incredibly forthcoming. Which is why it’s so exciting to announce that Jenji Kohan and co. have a brand new character planned for Season 3 of the Netflix series. Hilariously, the character will be a cheeky nod to Martha Stewart.

For those who might be fuzzy on the details, the home decorating and DIY guru was sent to jail for a 5-month term way back in 2004. She had gotten embroiled in the ImClone stock trading case, after getting tipped off that the stock was going to fall, eventually going to prison and later getting put on probation for insider trading. According to Time, Orange is the New Black’s version of Martha won’t be wholly on the nose. Instead, the show will tweak the Stewart-based character, creating someone who is like Martha, but from the south.

Currently, Kohan is staying mum about who will be playing the character, but I’m sure whoever it ends up being will end up doing a little redecorating during her stint at Litchfield Prison. There are a slew of names already attached to Season 3 of Orange is the New Black, and since we mostly have no idea what characters the newbies will be playing, theoretically, one of them could take on this Martha Stewart-like role.

First, Fringe actress Blair Brown has been signed on in an undisclosed role. She totes could be the Martha Stewart-type, I suppose. Mary Steenburgen has also joined the cast, and I really would have liked to have seen her in the Southern Martha role. Plus, we already know she can do the right accent, since we already saw her pull one out on Justified. Unfortunately, while her role was initially kept under wraps, it seems as if she probably is playing Pornstache’s mom, so that dream might be out. Obviously, Litchfield’s Martha could be played by someone else, too! We’ll keep you posted as Season 3 moves forward.

In the meantime, there are plenty of characters who won’t be returning for Season 3, including the aforementioned Pornstache, Jason Biggs’ Larry, and more. You can check out what we know about Orange is The New Black Season 3, or at least give the big trailer a watch!
Netflix plans to premiere all episodes of the new season on June 12. On the bright side, Orange is the New Black has already been renewed for a fourth season, so there’s much, much more of the hit series to come.

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