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Waiting for Outlander to return? Dinna fash, it'll be back in due time. In the meantime, Starz has offered up a preview of what's to come for Jamie and Claire in the form of this teaser trailer...
April still seems like an eternity away, and when we consider that it's already been a couple of months since the first half of Season 1 left off, there really does seem to be an oddly long gap between the first eight episodes and the second. Alas, we have months to go before Episode 9 airs, but Starz isn't leaving us high and dry. In fact, they're set to offer fans "25 Days of #OutlanderOfferings" throughout the holiday season, and the above teaser seems like a fine starter for that. Except that pretty much everything it shows looks like something bad is happening, is about to happen or just happened...

Jamie and CLaire

Adventure and danger most definitely await as Outlander preps Season 1.5. The trailer flashes through some very teasy glimpses...


That includes this standoff between Jamie and Black Jack Randall, who's holding Claire hostage...


And also a sword fight...


That doesn't look good.Then again, injury is really relative for Jamie Fraser.

We also hear Claire talking about how she never counted on loving "you." I'm assuming she's talking to Jamie, as she didn't likely plan to fall in love with a man who wasn't her husband. Ok, technically he is her husband, but you know what I mean.

And it seems like Colum MacKenzie's trying to offer his brother Dougal a warning. The whole trailer feels like a warning of dark things to come, as most of what we see seems to show Jamie and Claire facing danger and hard times. Maybe we should fash after all.

As mentioned, this is the first of numerous treats to come for Outlander fans. Expect videos of cast interviews, never-before-seen footage, holiday recipes, e-cards, Outlander store discounts, and a chance to win an ultimate Outlander prize pack by answering trivia questions or Tweeting.

Starz is set to air the full first half of Outlander (all previously aired 8 episodes) this Christmas, which sounds like the perfect way to top off their 25 Days of #OutlanderOfferings.

And then we'll have to wait a few months for the series to return, Saturday April 4.

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