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Rashida Jones Hilariously Responds To Woman Complaining About Her Mom In Verizon Commercial

In showbiz nowadays, it can be tough to be a woman past a certain age. And as it happens, even casual viewers are willing to jump on the age shame train. One particular viewer recently started a minor cyber-tussle with Rashida Jones when she took to the Twitter-sphere to call out Verizon for casting a woman who looked too young to play Rashida's mom in a commercial.

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Now, to this Twitter-enthusiast’s credit, her use of apostrophes was on point. Less to her credit, it turns out that the woman playing Rashida Jones’ mom in the Verizon commercials is in fact Rashida Jones’ real mom. Jones herself hit the ‘net in defense of her mother with a hilarious response:

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It’s hard to say what the best part of Jones' response is, although many kudos to her for not even needing all 140 characters to turn the comment around on the tweeter. She retorted in a way that could not possibly reflect badly on her or start a Twitter war, but still had enough of a burn on it to sting. After all, what deeper cut is there than being the target of not one but three laughing/crying emojis? Well played, Rashida Jones. Well played.

The response is proof enough that good humor runs in the family. Rashida Jones may have made a name for herself largely as a comedienne on the small screen circuit, but tagging her mom in the response just goes to show that she’s not the only woman in the family who knows when not to take comments too seriously. Besides, there are definitely worse insults for a woman appearing in showbiz than to comment that she looks too young.

In all seriousness, it would be unreasonable to expect that every person on social media thoroughly research every single tiny comment put out on their pages. It would perhaps be wiser, however, not to call the attention of the celebrities in question. This entire affair - MomGate? - never would have happened if the doubtful young woman hadn’t tagged Rashida in her tweet; while the rest of the world certainly would have been deprived of some humor, it might have at least spared the Tweeter some embarrassment. Either way, it’s good to see that Rashida Jones knows how to find the fun in anything.

Check out the adorable commercial featuring Rashida Jones and her mom Peggy Lipton!

As a final note to anybody planning on tweeting at Peggy Lipton: Rashida Jones really is young enough to be her daughter.

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