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Seth MacFarlane To Guest-Star In The Simpsons' Season 24 Finale

When we learned that Seth MacFarlane was going to be lending his vocal talents to The Simpsons with a guest spot on the show, word was that his voice appearance wouldn't take place until the Season 25 premiere next fall, however it's looking like we'll be hearing the Family Guy creator and voice actor's voice on The Simpsons much sooner than that. Fox announced today that MacFarlane will guest-voice in the two-part season finale.

From the sound of it, they did a bit of episode shuffling here, because the description for MacFarlane's episode sounds in line with what EW reported last year when sharing the news that MacFarlane would guest voice on the Season 25 premiere. At that time, we knew that Marge would end up accidentally participating in an Ashley Madison-type website for married people seeking liaisons, which she mistook for a Dolly-Madison-type cupcake site. This will put her in the path of MacFarlane's character Ben, who pursues her after they learn they both love the same Downton Abbey-type series, "Upton Rectory."

Unfortunately, there's no photo of MacFarlane's character posted online yet, but we'll be sure to share it if and when one surfaces! I'm picturing a guy in a sweater vest and maybe some tasteful sideburns. We'll have to wait and see.

The episode, is actually a two-parter. MacFarlane's part is the second half of the finale. The first part has Homer and Moe heading off to Iceland to track down Lenny, who took off to his homeland with the $200,000 winnings the three men won in the Springfield lottery.

The finale, which is set to air Sunday, May 19 at 8:00 p.m., will also reveal the winner of the opening credit "couch gag" contest.

Kelly West
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