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Sleepy Hollow Episode 2, Blood Moon Preview Teases An Army Of Evil

Fox debuted their exciting new series Sleepy Hollow last night. The drama appears to be a mix of genres, with horror, adventure and mystery all worked into one, not to mention a side of history. The preview for Episode 2's "Blood Moon" looks just as exciting, glimpsing new flashbacks, witches, and some pretty scary looking creatures serving as the Horseman's army.

I was wondering if there would be other scary monster-types to follow the Horseman and that horrible thing we barely saw at the end of the series premiere (the horned thing that disappeared into the mirror). It makes sense that the Horseman would have its own army of monsters sent to do its bidding. And won't that make things interesting for Abbie and Ichabod? Also previewed in the video below is Abbie's beautiful sister, whom we learned last night was in a mental institution and shared whatever strange experience Abbie did in the woods. Maybe Abbie's sister knows a bit more about that situation than Abbie, if she was so traumatized that she ended up in an institution over it.

And it also looks like we have a bit more humor to look forward to, as Ichabod comments on baked goods and is surprised to learn that guns can hold more than one bullet. Sleepy Hollow runs the risk of overusing those jokes, but for now, I'm enjoying them, and Tom Mison's delivery is pretty great.

I really enjoyed the pilot, and hoped that the episodes that follow would resume the great pacing and adventure side of the story. Watching the new preview for "Blood Moon," I have hope that the concept will settle nicely for a great series. Of course, it's still too soon to tell for sure, but it's the first new series to make the cut for shows I plan to watch more of beyond the first episode. Tonight, Fox brings us Dads and Brooklyn Nine-Nine along with the returns of The Mindy Project and New Girl.

Fox doesn't have the full first episode up on their site yet, but hopefully they will soon, for those who want to take a look or watch it again.

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Kelly West
Kelly West

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