No New Spartacus War Of The Damned Episode Tonight, Get Caught Up On First 3 Episodes

When we learned that Starz was planning to premiere their new drama series Da Vinci's Demons immediately following the series finale of Spartacus: War of the Damned on April 12, some of the math wasn't adding up. If Spartacus' final season consisted of 10 episodes and premiere January 25, how would it end on April 12? The two theories at the time were that there would either be two more episode in Spartacus than originally expected, or that there would be a couple of gaps between new episodes. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the latter is the case. And tonight is the night for one of those gaps, with no new episode airing.

Starz hasn't actually come out and said that the gaps between episodes are set up to put Spartacus on schedule with the April 12 premiere of Da Vinci's Demons, but that's the theory we're working with. On the bright side, there are only two Fridays between now and April where we won't see new Spartacus episodes.

Starz is using the two scheduled Fridays where no new episode of Spartacus will air to show previously aired episodes from this season, so those who haven't started watching this season or missed an episode can get caught up. Tonight is one of the "Catch Up" nights, which means Episodes 301-303 will air instead of episode 304, "Decimation," which will air next Friday night (February 22). And then we'll get new a new episode every Friday night until March 29 when another catch-up night happens. And that puts the last two episodes on track to close out the series in April.

For reference, here's the schedule Starz posted:

UPCOMING SCHEDULE – FRIDAYS AT 9PM ET/PTFeb 15 Catch Up! - Episodes 301, 302 and 303Feb 22 Episode 304 “Decimation”Mar 1 Episode 305 “Blood Brothers”Mar 8 Episode 306 “Spoils of War”Mar 15 Episode 307 “Mors Indecepta”Mar 22 Episode 308 “Separate Paths”Mar 29 Catch Up! Episodes 306, 307 and 308Apr 5 Episode 309 “The Dead and the Dying”Apr 12 Episode 310 “Victory” **FINALE**

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