Supergirl Is Adding A Key Character From The Comics

As it flies forward full speed ahead towards its Season 1 premiere this fall, CBS’ Supergirl just keeps on adding characters, not seeming to know when enough is enough. Thankfully, it’s a bunch of cool ones coming to the show, so we aren’t really complaining. It looks like the casting net has been thrown out once more, with the show’s producers hoping to find someone to play the comic book character Lucy Lane, Lois Lane’s sister. There may be trouble coming.

According to TVLine, Lucy will be a recurring character, and she’s described as being in her mid-20s to early 30s. As for her personality, she’s called “brash, funny and beautiful as her sister Lois, yet strong, smart and successful in her own right.” I’m guessing there could be some sibling rivalry happening down the road.


There are basically two big ways in which Lucy’s storyline could play out in the show, assuming they’re using the character’s comic history as a lead-in. For decades after her 1950s introduction, Lucy was more or less a romantic foil for Jimmy Olsen to try and woo, so it’s very likely that she will surface in this world as a love interest for Mehcad Brooks’ new interpretation of Jimmy, who’s working for CatCo now. Of course, the series premiere makes it clear that there’s also some flirtatious badminton being played between Jimmy and Melissa Benoist’s girl of steel Kara. This show is about the battle of good vs. evil, to be sure, but there’s always room for people fighting over a member of the opposite sex.

But if Lucy and Kara don’t head into the wrestling ring in their alter ego forms, then we might get to see Lucy’s other persona come to light, though it probably wouldn’t be for a while. In 2009, Lucy was given a new backstory and stepped up as Superwoman to assist her father’s anti-New Krypton plans. She and Supergirl got into it – no spoilers? – which would make for a great arc in a future season. Start as one of the good guys, and then go villain, Lucy.

This won’t be the first time we’ve seen Lucy Lane hit the small screen. Beyond appearing on Superman: The Animated Series, Lucy was portrayed by Elizabeth Barondes and Roxana Zal for Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, and by Peyton List in Smallville, which is presumably the one that fans know the best. We can’t wait to see who gets cast.

Get your capes and undies dry cleaned before the fall, because Supergirl will premiere on CBS on Monday, October 26, at 8:30 ET, with subsequent episodes starting at 8 p.m. ET., putting it opposite Gotham on Fox.

Nick Venable
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