Supergirl: The Awesome Tie-In To The Supergirl Movie

Warning: spoilers for last night’s Supergirl episode are ahead!

Whenever you watch a DC TV show, you’re guaranteed to get Easter Eggs sprinkled throughout. Supergirl has been no exception, especially concerning last night’s episode when Kara and Jimmy visited the Fortress of Solitude and saw all of Superman’s collectibles, including a Legion of Super-Heroes flight ring. However, if you stuck around for the final minute of "Solitude," there was an important object featured that didn’t originate from the comics, but did come from the 1984 Helen Slater-led Supergirl movie: the Omegahedron.

It looked like Kara’s latest enemy, Indigo (played by Laura Vandervoort), was permanently done for last night after Winn downloaded a virus into her system, causing her to disintegrate. Fortunately for the Coluan, Supergirl's grand baddie Non reformed her using the Omegahedron, a spinning metallic sphere that activated when he placed it on his lair’s computer. After noting how he merely broke Indigo’s heart while Supergirl destroyed her (indirectly), Non watched as Indigo was back among the living, albeit with her body parts separated. Non then questioned the alien supercomputer, asking if she was ready to do things his way and setting her up for a return later this season.

Supergirl Omegahedron

In the Supergirl movie, the Omegahedron, along with its counterpart, the Alphahedron, supplied unlimited power to Argo City, Kara’s Kryptonian home. Its other functions made it seem like it was magical, but just like with the Asgardians in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it functioned using highly-advanced science. The movie's main antagonist, Selena, used the Omegahedron to amass power for herself, but after Kara defeated her, she returned it to the long-unpopulated Argo City. Aside from reforming Indigo, we have yet to see what else the Supergirl TV series’ Omegahedron is capable of, but with five episodes left to go this season and the full extent of Non’s plan (known only as Myriad) not yet known, it's a good bet that he’ll be using the Omegahedron again in the coming weeks. If not, maybe it will find its way into someone else's hands in a potential Season 2.

Supergirl Omegahedron

Even before Non reformed Indigo (a.k.a. Brainiac 8), it was clear from their conversation that they had romantic history. After Indigo kicked off her reign of terror across Nation City, Non tracked her down and the two of them caught up. It turns out that Indigo only resurfaced because of Astra’s recent death, and disagreeing with Non’s recently-deceased wife that humans and aliens could coexist, she instead tried to ignite an apocalypse that would wipe out the humans, leaving only her and the Kryptonians as survivors. That plan failed, but now that she’s whole again thanks to the Omegahedron, maybe she’ll be more receptive to Non’s scheme. Right before she disintegrated, Indigo also revealed to Kara that she was the one who was responsible for getting Kara's ship and Fort Rozz out of the Phantom Zone, so she and the Girl of Steel still have unresolved business to deal with when Kara's demented uncle isn’t around.

Supergirl is taking another short break, but its next episode, "Falling," will air Monday, March 14 at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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