Oh Zach, what were you thinking?! This could’ve been the week for one of the Donatos to go home and the power rested in Zach’s hands. The houseguests were told at the start of the show (though it was probably announced to them earlier today) that tonight’s live episode would be a fast-forward round. Meaning, two houseguests would be evicted from the Big Brother house by the end of the hour. That meant a quick first eviction, HoH competition, nomination ceremony, Veto comp, Veto ceremony and then the second eviction.

Before we got to all of that though, we got to see a bit of Dick and Daniele plotting to make a deal with Jameka at the last minute. Their plan was to evict Jessica either way but it couldn’t hurt to try and secure Jameka’s support in the process. From what we saw, Jameka didn’t even bother letting Dick get to the “Let’s make a deal” part but as Dick said in the diary room, he planned to do the deal-talk 10 minutes before the live show and the live feeds usually shut off well before then, so who knows? She did drop the “I’m a woman of my word” line twice tonight in her speeches which suggests to me that maybe she did secure a deal with Dick and Daniele to keep them safe if she stayed and won HoH.

Eric, on America’s orders, voted for Jameka to go, while Dick and Daniele voted to evict Jessica. Jessica hugged Eric twice and Jameka once before heading out the door. She told Julie that she loved Eric and seemed excited to see where things will go once they’re out of the house. Eric’s feelings for Jessica were similar; as he told her he loved her in hi goodbye message.

For the next HoH competition, Daniele, Dick and Eric stood on steps and had to guess “Before” or “After” by stepping up or down after Julie asked a question involving things that took place in the house. Each of them got a few right but as the point values increased with each round, Dick ended up winning when he got the last question right. America had the option to vote for who we wanted Eric to get nominated. Julie signaled Eric by asking that houseguest to lead the group into the house. America chose Daniele but we all knew with Dick as HoH, it was unlikely that Eric would be able to fulfill this task.

Dick put up Eric and Jameka for eviction and the group headed off to play for the Veto. Rubber balls of different colors were shot into the air and the houseguests had to find the green ones and fill up the tube by their name. At one point, a blue ball found its way into Jameka’s tube and Julie told her she was disqualified. Jameka told Julie loudly to check the tapes because she didn’t put it in there. It didn’t matter though because Zach was already well on his way to winning.

With the Power of Veto, Zach could’ve pulled Eric aside and struck a quick deal with him. If he used it to take Eric off the block, Dick would have had no choice but to put Daniele up. Then Zach and Eric could vote out Daniele and with Dick not being able to play for the next HoH, they would’ve been set for the final three. Did Zach do this? No. He stayed true to his “group.” Newsflash, Zach. Your last name isn’t Donato. You’re not a part of that group. How he thought being loyal to the Donatos would benefit him, I have no idea. If Daniele wins HoH, he’s going up. If Jameka wins HoH, he might go up before or after the Veto. Its decisions like this that could make or break his game.

Zach didn’t use the Veto and he and Daniele both voted to send Eric packing. After Eric’s weird speech prior to the voting, I can’t say I’m surprised. Humbleness would’ve been the way to go but his words came out sounding a little bit threatening and bitter. When he was evicted, he gave another little speech about not having sour grapes and left.

Eric told Julie that he did his best to fulfill America’s wishes and it seemed evident that he thinks this A.P. twist screwed his game. I can’t say I blame him. Strategy and voting are key in this game. Eric had no control over his vote and his strategy was often in America’s hands. As we, the voters weren’t always looking out for his best interests, its probable that the AP thing played a part in his failure at the end. But at least he gets $40,000 and now he can head off to sequester to be with Jessica.

What Did You Think Of Zach's Decision Not To Use The Veto?

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