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True Blood Season 5 Photos Are Filled With Familiar Faces... And Some New Ones

Earlier today, we shared a photo of Scott Foley in the upcoming fifth season of HBO's True Blood. The former Felicity star isn't the only newcomer set to join the vampire drama series this season. HBO released a bunch of new photos from Season 5, which give us a look at some of the other newcomers to the series, including Law & Order: SVU's Chris Meloni, and Hell On Wheels' Christopher Heyerdahl.

Of all the pictures HBO shared today, I think I'm most excited to see Spartacus' Peter Menseh among the lot. Well, it's a tie between seeing a suited-up (pink tie-wearing) Oenomaus, and all of the photos featuring the returning characters combined.

Law & Order's Chris Meloni is also suited up... and it looks like he ordered the stake... assuming that's what he's holding in his hand.

And then there's Heyerdahl, who in addition to Hell on Wheels, also has Sanctuary and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (Parts 1 and the upcoming 2) among his credits.

You can find the rest of the photos in the gallery below. It looks like almost everyone's there in at least one picture, though I didn't see Sam or Jason. Am I forgetting anyone else?

True Blood Season 5 premieres June 10th on HBO.

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