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True Blood Season 6 Clip Shows Eric Getting Information

It's a good day to be a vampire fan. Not only did The CW announce that The Vampire Diaries spinoff The Originals has gotten a series order for the 2013-2014 season, but we also have a new look at the upcoming sixth season of True Blood. And it's a good look too, as it puts Eric front and center in all his fangy glory. This one gives us a new clue about Season 6 and what might be part of the focus of the story going forward.

The clip above shows us Eric talking to (or interrogating) a woman, who reveals to him that the vampires that are being arrested are being experimented on. Is that the next threat to the vampires in the series? Not only do they have groups of people hating them and wanting them (more) dead, but they might have to worry about being cut open and experimented on. Not good!

The new clip follows two other clips that have surfaced, one of which shows us Alcide dealing with pack issues, and the other has Jason ready to kill Nora. If these clips are any indication, Season 6 won't have any shortage of tension going around.

True Blood returns June 16 on HBO.