Two And A Half Men... And A Woman? New Female Lead Reportedly Being Cast

Finally! Two and a Half Men will reveal the daughter after all these seasons. Hold on, that's How I Met Your Mother I'm thinking of. While one CBS series plans to make good on its title next season, it looks like Two and a Half Men will inch further away from its own. Following word that the "half" portion of the title (Angus T. Jones) would no longer be a regular on the CBS comedy, the series is reportedly bringing in a female series regular character next fall. She's Charlie Harper's long-lost daughter. More potential spoilers ahead!

Deadline says this will be a major plot twist for the series, which is headed into Season 11 this fall. The character is described as in her late teens or early 20s. She shows up on Walden Schmidt's doorstep in search of her father, claiming to be the daughter of Charlie Sheen's dearly departed character Charlie Harper. She's expected to eventually move in with the Walden and her Uncle Alan, filling the vacancy left by Jake.

This is likely to shift the dynamic of the show somewhat drastically, as the series has always been about three male characters, two adults and one child. But the dynamic of the show has already shifted, as the child grew up and one of the men departed (Charlie Sheen) and was replaced by another man (Ashton Kutcher). With that in mind, I wonder if they considered bringing in a kid or a younger teen and aiming to reboot its own concept with a My Two Dads-twist - focusing on a girl coming of age and being raised by two bachelors (except in this case, neither man is her actual father) - rather than an already grown character. I suppose it depends on what they have in mind for this mystery-woman. She's Alan's niece, so there's no romantic opportunity there, but is she too young to be out of range for Walden? Or is that just weird? It may come down to whether she's an "older teen" or in her twenties. There's a difference.

Kelly West
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