A Very Gaga Thanksgiving Preview: Two Photos From ABC's Lady Gaga Special

ABC is celebrating Thanksgiving the Gaga way this year. The network has A Very Gaga Thanksgiving set to air later this month, and we have two photos of Gaga to show you, one of which has her with some children, and the other has her dressed up and looking like a shimmery princess, just in time for winter.

A Very Gaga Thanksgiving will air Thanksgiving (Thursday, November 24th) at 9:30 p.m. on ABC. The special will include Gaga performing eight songs in front of her close friends and family. Among the performances is a duet with Tony Bennett to “The Lady is a Tramp,” as well as Gaga singing some of her own songs (“Marry the Night,” “You and I,” “The Edge of Glory”) and of course, at least one holiday song (“White Christmas”). We’ll also see Gaga sit down with Katie Couric at Sacred Heart Catholic School in New York, where Gaga went to school. The two will talk about Gaga’s past, and her relationships with her friends and family.

This whole thing was “conceived and directed” by Lady Gaga, and given how open she usually is, regularly putting herself out there to share with her fans, I expect fans will get to know her even better through this special. Or, at the very least, there will be a lot of great performances.

?Here are the two photos ABC released for the special. Hopefully they’ll have some video to go with them soon...

The first one looks like it could be a promotional photo, or else, an image of her performing. The second one appears to have her blowing on something (kisses? magic fairy-dust? Or is it just a recently baked warm cookie that needs a bit of cooling off?)

Image ©ABC

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