What better time to show us a first look video of a show we’re anxiously looking forward to than during the season premiere of another show we’ve been waiting even longer to see? AMC gave us a glimpse of The Walking Dead’s second season during tonight’s long-awaited premiere of Season 4 of Breaking Bad. Zombies ahead!

While Breaking Bad got creative with a box cutter tonight, it looks like Rick Grimes will be making good use of a rock when the zombie-themed series The Walking Dead returns for Season 2 this October. This video doesn’t give away a lot, other than we should expect more zombies when the series returns. I doubt that’s a major spoiler for any fan of the show. AMC was quick to post it on their website, but you can watch it below. Enjoy!

So, no major spoilers there, but Rick Grimes does look a bit run down. A result of a zombie pursuit, or are things in seriously bad shape for him and the rest of the survivors?

The Walking Dead Season 2 premieres on October on AMC.

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