Watch This Anchor Describe Lady Gaga's Performance Using A Very Offensive Word

During last night’s Oscars, Lady Gaga took to the stage to perform some classic songs from the hit Sound of Music soundtrack. The performance was huge enough that it became a topic of conversation on the Fox 8 local news in Cleveland, Ohio. Unfortunately, local news anchor Kristi Capel kept declaring Lady Gaga’s music to be “jigaboo.” Check out the extremely awkward newscast, below.

During the segment, Capel keeps attempting to compliment Lady Gaga, saying she had no idea that Gaga had such a great voice. In fact, she says it is often hard to hear her behind the “jigaboo music” she usually prefers. The poor African American news anchor sitting next to her, Wayne Dawson, initially laughs off the comment, but then Kristi Capel uses the derogatory term, again. Many mistakes were made during this telecast.

One of two things was going on in the newscast. Either Capel is an extremely hateful person who vindictively wanted to use the word on air, or she had no idea what the word really meant. According to Capel herself, her actions were the latter. This morning, the news anchorwoman took to Twitter to apologize to a ton of individuals who called her out for misspeaking live on the air.

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Even during the live video, Capel uses the derogatory term and then says “or whatever you call it,” which makes it fairly clear she had no idea what she was really talking about. That doesn’t make it any better for all of the educated individuals watching the segment, and it definitely doesn’t make it better for poor Wayne Dawson, but at least it doesn’t seem as if she was intending to spit hate on the air. (Honestly, if you want to hate on anything, let’s talk about those horrible gloves Lady Gaga chose to wear to the Oscars.)

Flubs occur live on the air all of the time, but unfortunately spouting derogatory language is a bit worse than accidentally dropping an F-bomb on the air. Kristi Capel is going to have a lot of tweets and internet hate to deal with in the near future, and a lot of apologies to dish out. Quite frankly, people have been fired for much less in the past.

Jessica Rawden
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