Watch A BBC Reporter Freak Out Over A Blue Whale During A Live Interview

For many, whale watching can be one of the most peaceful pastimes available to humanity, and it can sometimes be one of the most rewarding as well. Just ask the BBC’s Steve Backshall, who completely went apeshit – or is it whaleshit? – during a segment taping for the docu-series Big Blue Live when an actual blue whale surprises everyone by swimming around nearby. Check out his stellar reaction below.

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That caption is absolutely perfect, as Backshall impulsively puts an end to the interview being conducted at the time, paying far more attention to the admittedly awesome coincidence happening in the vicinity. Backshall is exhibiting zero chill here, but it’s understandable, as he’s getting to showcase the very thing that the project set out to focus on, and it’s occurring live and in the moment, as well as apparently being the only blue whale they’d witnessed in the time they were at the bay.

And not only is he forgiven for having a positive energy panic attack, but he should be commended for speaking so splendidly off the cuff for as long as he did. He gives a nice description of not only how boat-dwarfingly massive and relatively rare blue whales are, but he also loops his own history in his field into the story. Not that many people get to experience a legitimate career apex during their lifetime, so this is all pretty special indeed. Truth be told, I’m more jealous of the people in the helicopter.

Now, if you’re looking to see an equally unrehearsed but exceptionally awkward reaction to one of Earth’s creatures, check out this recent clip from a live weather report on San Diego beach as Fox 5’s Brad Willis loses unquantifiable amounts of cool (and possibly some urine) when a huge bug flies around his face. He goes from 0 to “get me the hell outta here” in less than half of a second, and his face is priceless.

But enough about giant bugs. The three-night special Big Blue Live is set to air on PBS here in the U.S. starting Monday, August 31, at 8 p.m. ET. Eat your heart out, Shark Week.

Nick Venable
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