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Watch Ellen Play Heads Up With Cookie Monster

The Ellen Show on CBS is known for many things, from dancing celebrities to creative gifts for her guests to various other shenanigans. One of the most fun parts of watching Ellen, however, comes from the myriad of famous folks that sit down for a chat, and a recent guest was more than willing to join her in a game to help promote a new kid-friendly version of the “Heads Up!” tablet game. He was an enthusiastic guest, and even the distraction by a certain one of the images wasn’t enough to completely derail the game. This guest was, of course, none other than Cookie Monster. Check it out!

I should have put a warning that if you don’t like cookies, games, or things that are adorable, this video might not have been for you.

Cookie Monster is one of the most popular characters of Sesame Street. Aside from operating on a platform that appeals to just about every child in the history of ever – cookies – his energy and enthusiasm have always made him fun to watch for folks of all ages. Besides, it's always a special brand of guest that makes Ellen DeGeneres crack up during a sketch, and Cookie Monster’s cookie mania was more than enough to bring a smile.

“Heads Up!” is a game that started on Ellen and spread once it became an app for the public. One person holds up a tablet or smartphone with an image that another must describe without actually naming the item. With a general window of 60 seconds, players must search their vocabularies to somehow describe and guess at obscure images.

Cookie Monster was the perfect guest to join Ellen for her latest game of “Heads Up.” Her goal of promoting her latest deck of clues designed for kids with a Sesame Street theme could not have been accomplished nearly as effectively –and let’s face it, adorably – with any other guest. The cookie image certainly brought out the best in Cookie Monster, and we can all sigh in relief that he wasn’t forced to cancel at the last minute. Oscar the Grouch filling in wouldn’t quite have the same effect. The “I Love Trash” song just isn’t the same as Cookie Monster yelling “Me got cookie!” when it comes to launching a fun new game for kids.

Cookie Monster came on Ellen as more than a lover of cookies and player of “Heads Up!” As Ellen was certain to remind us, Cookie Monster was also an ambassador of a show that has been devoted to helping kids have fun while learning valuable lessons.

Sadly, Cookie Monster joining Ellen DeGeneres for a game of “Heads Up!” does not yet seem to have resulted in a long-term co-hosting gig for everybody’s favorite cookie connoisseur, but he is probably pretty okay with the just guest spot. Even Cookie Monster’s heart only has space for so many things, and cookies take up an awful lot of room.

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