Just when you think there’s no more room for zombie content in the universe, the universe makes room for some more of those slovenly and mostly unloveable infected specimens of humanity. BBC America is set to bring the popular British short series about zombies called In The Flesh stateside, and fans who are excited about the series can check out the brand new 3-minute teaser of the first few minutes of the series.

In The Flesh follows a young teenager named Kieran Walker who has recently been let out of rehab after being treated for Partially Deceased Syndrome, otherwise known as turning into a zombie. The first three minutes of the mini take a look at Kieren’s life during the time period when he really dug eating brains for dinner, as well as the treatment facility where he has been rehabilitated for what seems to be some time. It’s a stark, chilling environment, but Kieren seems to have more nerves about being let out of the facility to see his still-human family again.

After waffling over a few different premiere dates, BBC America finally chose June 6 as the release date for the event. The first episode of the series will air Friday, June 6 at 10 p.m. ET. The two additional episodes will air subsequently on June 7 and June 8. If that 3-minute teaser wasn’t enough to quench your zombie thirst, you can check out the trailer for BBC America’s series, here.

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