Watch Game Of Thrones Turned Into The World's Weirdest Bedtime Story

Game of Thrones has been parodied plenty in pop culture, but I never thought I would see the day when the series was remade to look like a famous children’s book. Here’s exactly what you’ll get when you mash together Game of Thrones and the popular book Goodnight Moon. It’s weird, it’s inspired and it even features direwolves going after men.

The “Goodnight Westeros” video introduces us to a picture of a direwolf, a moon door, two Lannisters and a “massive” ice wall. There’s also other familiar Game of Thrones props and characters presented in the video. If you’ve ever read Margaret Wise Brown’s seminal picture book Goodnight Moon, the story essentially is the same conceptually, introducing us to items in a room and then saying goodnight to those things one by one. Somehow, however, visions of direwolves and incestual characters don’t seem nearly as comforting.

While not exactly child appropriate, for adults, the video is a little cathartic, taking a book many adults are overly tired of reading to their children and twisting it into a calmly told bedtime story with adult themes. It’s a little bit like Go The Fuck To Sleep in that way. Instead of bears, chairs and a red balloon, we get Dany's now-freaky dragons hanging out.(We'll spare you the images of treacherous whores and Ned Stark's head.)


We also get a couple of drunken Lannisters, who later in the video end up on the floor together. (Cartoon sex scenes are always so creepy.)


There’s one thing that’s certain. This video has more Hodor than Season 5 will, thanks to executive producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss cutting the characters from the new episodes. Hodor and Bran should return to the plot, starting in Season 6, but for now they can be seen in this parody.


Mashable’s team put together the video for The Watercooler, but they are by no means the first crew to create an homage to the hit HBO series. It was only a couple of days ago that Saturday Night Live put together its own sketch mocking Game of Thrones. Sesame Street has a less adult spoof, and there’s even a weird parody on the internet that recreates Game of Thrones using The Brady Bunch theme song. You could spend hours looking through this stuff on the internet. Or you can just check out new episodes when Game of Thrones hits HBO’s schedule on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET.

Jessica Rawden
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