Watch Matt LeBlanc Sing Some Hilarious Joey Classics From Friends

Joey Tribbiani is back! Well, sort of. Actor Matt LeBlanc channeled his old character from Friends through song on The Graham Norton Show, and it’s hilarious. Take a look.

In the clip from BBC One's The Graham Norton Show, Matt LeBlanc—current star of the Showtime hit Episodes—channeled his Joey Tribbiani character from the NBC sitcom, Friends. As funny as that may be, in and of itself, the actor actually sang a couple of Joey’s classic songs, which even LeBlanc himself couldn’t stop laughing about. Who knew the former Friends star still remembered anything about that character, much less two songs very specific from obscure moments for the character on the show? Then again, Friends did last for ten seasons, and earned the stars a record breaking million dollar payday per episode by the last season, I would think it would be hard to forget a gig like that as well.

With little coaxing from host Graham Norton, LeBlanc recalled Episode 4 when his character Joey got the lead part in a play about Sigmund Freud, before busting out into song. You have to give it to LeBlanc for his great memory, and his singing isn’t all that bad either. The best part, however, was the second song. Naturally, if you’re a true Friends fan, the “Hand Song” is probably one of your favorites. Luckily for those true fans, the Episodes star didn’t disappoint, even though he did hesitate just briefly as if there were a possibility that he didn’t remember the words. Ha, never!

Who could forget the Friends episode “The One in Vegas: Part 2,” where Joey first sang the “Hand Song” to none other than his hand twin. Yes, Joey Tribbiani had a hand twin and when he found the poor guy he did what only Joey would do in a situation like that: he pursued him for a joint business venture. Joey even followed the guy into the restroom, which is where he sang him the "Hand Song.” As you probably could tell from the lyrics in the video, the words were clearly made up on the spot, but that was Joey and he obviously made quite an impression on the actor who played him as well.

LeBlanc isn’t the only actor from the hit show Friends still being asked about the series. In fact, for years since the NBC sitcom concluded, rumors have circulated about the possibility of a reunion, to no avail. Recently, actress Courtney Cox—who played Monica Gellar—was probed about the persisting rumor. But this time, the rumor may have been permanently shut down when Cox offered that it will never happen, likely because of David Schwimmer—aka Ross Gellar—holding out and the fact that all of the actors from the show have never been in the same place at the same time since the show ended.