A Big White Lotus Mystery About Greg Was Seemingly Resolved By Jennifer Coolidge

Warning! The following contains spoilers for The White Lotus Season 2 finale. Read at your own risk!

The White Lotus Season 2 concluded at HBO, and boy, what an ending it was. Fans had to say goodbye to Jennifer Coolidge’s fan-favorite character Tanya McQuoid-Hunt after she met her end following a botched jump from a yacht to a smaller boat. Now, as fans continue to ask questions about Greg and his murderous plot, Coolidge might’ve let slip a key detail that could solve a mystery that fans have wondered about. 

Greg Hunt and Tanya McQuoid fell in love back in Season 1 after a chance meeting at The White Lotus located in Hawaii, but was that really a meeting of chance? Jennifer Coolidge spoke to Deadline about her character’s exit in Season 2, and when she was asked about what she’d like to see happen in Greg’s future, might’ve said a bit too much: 

My hope for Greg is that he ends up in some horrific jail somewhere. I think dying would be just too good, too easy for him. He’s a really creepy guy and was plotting this woman’s murder. From the beginning, he saw a woman with a lot of money and wanted to take it from her, and take her life. So, I think he deserves a terrible fate.

When Jennifer Coolidge said “from the beginning,” was she referring to Season 1 or 2? Obviously, actors and actresses aren’t always privy to the full details of the story, but considering Coolidge also mentioned in the interview she knew from before Season 2 started filming she was going to die, one could speculate she knows a good deal. So, did Coolidge just unintentionally confirm Greg targeted her as far back as Season 1 of The White Lotus

There’s definitely been some suspicion from fans that Greg intentionally sought out Tanya McQuoid, and it makes sense the longer one thinks about it. The way he frequently bumped into her seemed like more than a coincidence, and in hindsight, it was odd he stayed with her after her big outburst in the hotel room. 

Let’s also not forget that Greg was hanging out on a boat with a bunch of guys when he wasn't with her during Season 1. While I’m not sure Quentin would take his yacht from Italy all the way to Hawaii, he could’ve been amongst the group Greg was partying with, given their connection

It would be great to know if The White Lotus intended for Greg to target Tanya from the start, as it might indicate Greg will appear once again in Season 3. Tanya and Greg were the sole carryover characters from Season 1, and while it might’ve been assumed Tanya was the vehicle that holds this whole story together as it's told, perhaps it’s actually Greg. 

Creator/showrunner Mike White teased that Season 3 could be set in Asia and would deal with Eastern death and spirituality. Perhaps Greg will now be tasked with scattering Tanya’s ashes after her death, or maybe he’s mourning the loss of Quentin? Either way, I’m certainly interested in some confirmation on whether or not Jennifer Coolidge accidentally revealed that Greg intentionally sought out Tanya in Season 1, because it’d make me want to bust out my HBO Max subscription and binge the series all over again. Honestly, I might just do that anyway because this series is just that good.  

The White Lotus will return to HBO for Season 3, though we’re not sure when it will release or even start filming. Luckily there’s still plenty to speculate on in the meantime, and plenty of Jennifer Coolidge movies and tv shows to watch for anyone sad that Tanya is gone forever. 

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