White Lotus Season 2 Theory Suggests Wild Twist And Bad News For Jennifer Coolidge’s Tanya

Tanya and Quentin in The White Lotus on HBO
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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The White Lotus Season 2 episode “That’s Amore.” Read at your own risk!

There was a point when I questioned if The White Lotus Season 2’s cast would hold my attention better than another adventure with the Season 1 cast. I’m no longer questioning that after the latest episode, and am all-in on trying to figure out who those corpses are in the flash-forward. Now, a new theory has me super invested in what’s going on with Jennifer Coolidge’s Tanya McQuoid and Tom Hollander’s Quentin. Unfortunately, this theory might mean bad things for Tanya are on the horizon, provided it pans out. 

TikTok user Lisa.Clift jumped on the platform to share her theory about The White Lotus, and man, it’s a doozy. The gist is that she’s suggesting that Quentin isn’t the friendly rich gay man Tanya just happened to meet while on vacation. This theory suggests that Quentin, Jack, and possibly others in his group were deliberately hired to kill Tanya. Here’s the kicker: the person responsible for this plot is Tanya’s husband Greg, and after hearing the evidence supporting it, I think it might be legit. 

The video points out that in Episode 2, Tanya said it was Greg’s idea that they take a vacation to Sicily after he told her he had to go back home. Greg mentioned during that conversation that because of their pre-nuptial agreement, he couldn’t stay in Sicily and needed to return home to keep his job just in case they don’t work out. Later, Tanya overheard Greg having a private conversation, which almost sounded like he was hiding an affair with another woman back in the United States. 

This theory suggests that Greg was actually talking to Quentin, and they’re in cahoots in a plot to kill Tanya so that Greg can inherit her fortune, though I'd question how that's possible with the pre-nuptial agreement unless Tanya destroyed it like she offered to before he left. It also alleges that Greg is the “American cowboy” Quentin told Tanya he fell in love with long ago when he lived in America and that it didn't work out because this cowboy was heterosexual. Quentin then added he’d still do anything for that cowboy to this day, which feels like a huge sign in my eyes that this theory might be true. 

If Greg did arrange for Quentin to kill Tanya, it would certainly help explain why Greg was so upset that Tanya's assistant Portia came on vacation with her without him knowing. Adding Portia to the mix would make it harder to get Tanya alone, and could mean that Quentin would have to arrange for Portia to disappear as well. 

Perhaps that’s why Jack is involved, as the latest episode made it seem like he wasn’t actually Quentin’s nephew. I mean, if he was, that explicit sex scene between them makes this situation super twisted, though it wouldn’t be the first HBO show to highlight incest

If this theory is true, it’s possible Jack was a last-minute addition to the plan to occupy Portia once Greg saw she was present as well. We’ll just have to wait and see, and hope that Tanya isn’t one of those dead corpses in the water! This theory is going to make the wait for the new episode to hit my HBO Max subscription pretty unbearable. 

The White Lotus airs on HBO on Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET. Anyone hoping for more clues on where things are headed might want to pay attention to the intro, as there are apparently some teases for what’s to come if you look into it. 

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