Aaron Carter’s Fiancé Calls For Murder Investigation, Reveals More Suspicious Things About His Death

Aaron Carter on The Doctors
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Aaron Carter’s mother raised more than a few eyebrows last week when she posted pictures from her son’s death scene on social media and called for cops to open a murder investigation. She claimed to have the support of other family members, but many observers weren’t sure given her complicated relationship with her son and public comments his fiancé previously made about thinking it was an overdose. Well, upon further review, it turns out Carter’s fiancé and his mother are on the same page, and both women are now calling for cops to further investigate what happened.

Melanie Martin was engaged to Aaron Carter and shared a son with him. She apparently assumed after initial conversations with police that it was a simple overdose, but now, she’s seeing a lot of inconsistencies and wants a murder investigation. She spoke with The Sun and offered this more general commentary before getting into specifics…

Many factors discussed with the police and coroner do not add up to [a] simple overdose… I want to know what really happened so I can focus on raising our son Prince without constantly losing sleep on what happened to his father every night.

Less than a week before Aaron Carter died, Martin was so concerned about him she called in a welfare check because she thought he was driving his RV under the influence. Cops pulled him over but determined he wasn’t under the influence and was fine to drive. The story was widely reported and caused an argument between the couple. Martin went to stay with her family for a few days with their son and asked the housekeeper to keep an eye on Carter. 

Over the next few days, there were, according to her, numerous departures from his normal pattern of behavior. He apparently made a trip to Walmart, which was very unusual since he didn’t like running errands because of his anxiety. He didn’t use his phone at all in the last twenty-four hours before he died, and it was later found in his car. Martin says this doesn’t make sense given he always carried it with him.

She also claims he almost always took showers instead of baths, yet he was found in the bathtub. He apparently always locked the door when he went into the bathroom, yet the bathroom door was found unlocked. She also doesn’t understand how his dog was shut in there with him the entire time between when he died and when he was found and didn’t use the bathroom. Altogether, she feels there are enough questions for police to investigate.

Following the calls for an investigation from Aaron Carter’s mom, police released a statement saying the autopsy results were still pending, but to that point, no evidence of foul play had been discovered. Martin previously said no water was found in Carter’s lungs, which is inconsistent with drowning, and pill bottles were reportedly discovered near the bathtub he was found in.

The investigation will continue into the actor and singer's death at least until the coroner’s office releases its findings and an official cause. Exactly when that will happen, however is unclear. 

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