Aaron Carter's Fiancée Responds To 'I Want Candy' Singer Being Left Out Of The Grammys' In Memoriam Tribute

Aaron Carter on The Doctors
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The Grammys serve as an occasion for the entertainment industry to celebrate the best and the brightest in the music sphere. Of course, it’s also a time that allows the public to reflect on the stars that were lost during a specific year. As is customary, this year’s ceremony included an “In Memoriam” segment, which honored notable names like Loretta Lynn, Bobby Rydell and Lisa Marie Presley. One name that was left out of that roster, however, was that of Aaron Carter, who died at 34 a few months ago. Following the omission, Carter’s fiancée weighed in on the “I Want Candy” singer being left out of the tribute. 

Melanie Martin, who also shared a son with the performer, was apparently displeased with The Recording Academy not honoring her late partner. Sometime after the show, she caught up with TMZ and explained that she was surprised by the snub. Martin pointed out that the pop star never sought out validation from awards shows but still believes that he shouldn’t have been ignored. Martin also reportedly thinks the Grammys should make things right by honoring him at next year’s show or finding another way to do so. Otherwise, she allegedly sees this as a sign of disrespect towards her late lover and their 1-year-old son, Prince. 

Aaron Carter’s lady wasn’t the only person to take notice of the fact that he wasn’t included in the “In Memoriam” section of the telecast. A number of viewers took to social media to voice their disappointment amid the broadcast. Some saw fit to create their own tributes to Carter as a result. One “stunned” fan didn’t mince words (or emojis) when speaking out on the matter: 

Most would agree that the Disney Channel alum crafted a number of hit songs throughout the late ‘90s and early 2000s. Among his most notable tracks are “Aaron's Party (Come Get It),” “That's How I Beat Shaq” and “Oh Aaron.” The deceased entertainer never actually won a Grammy during his lifetime nor was he ever nominated for one. You can see the video for “I Want Candy” below:

The singer and rapper passed away in November 2022, with the news coming to light after his body was found in a bathtub by a housekeeper in his Lancaster, California home. As of this writing, his exact cause of death has not been confirmed, as it was deferred – pending a toxicology report. In the aftermath, Taylor Helgeson, Carter’s manager, spoke about the state of his client’s health in the days leading up to his death. Helgeson stated that he “didn’t seem okay physically” but did seem to be fine from a mental standpoint. 

A host of stars honored Aaron Carter in the immediate aftermath of his death. Ex-girlfriend Hilary Duff shared a sweet tribute to him, in which she reflected on their time together and declared that her “teenage self” was infatuated with him. Fellow Disney Channel alum Christy Carlson Romano spoke about finding a kindred spirit in Carter, who was set to appear on her podcast before his death. Raven-Symoné spoke about the importance of mental health while commenting on his passing. 

Family members also sought to pay tribute, as Nick Carter penned an emotional message that touched on his “complicated” relationship with his younger brother. Per Aaron’s agent, he and Nick were reportedly on good terms by the time he passed away. Melanie Martin later honored Aaron on Thanksgiving by taking over his job of providing the turkey for the family meal. She also followed through with the annual tradition of watching two of her partner’s favorite movies – Home Alone and Iron Man. It remains to be seen if the Grammys will choose to rectify its exclusion of Carter but, at the moment, it’s incredibly clear that Martin is going to do what she can to keep his memory alive.

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