Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter Penned Emotional Tribute To Brother Aaron Carter After His Death, And His Bandmates Sent Support

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The unexpected death of pop star Aaron Carter sent a shock to the entertainment world, and celebs from the '90s and beyond have been sending their best to the family and friends of the often outspoken rapper. Tributes from notable names have been all around the Internet, and now his brother and Backstreet Boys frontman Nick Carter took a bit of time to express his feelings on social media while honoring his brother and his fans. Carter found additional support from many after posting, including his boy-bandmates, who offered support in the comments of his tribute. 

Nick and Aaron Carter had a very complicated relationship in recent years, which the singer acknowledged in his Instagram tribute. Despite their often estranged nature, Carter still acknowledged he may miss his younger brother more than anyone else. 

It’s hard not to feel the emotion in Nick Carter’s post, especially given how the siblings' lives played out in more recent years, both in headlines and behind the scenes. He'd filed a restraining order against his younger brother in 2019 after the latter allegedly confessed to having thoughts about killing the then-pregnant Lauren Kitt-Carter. The aspiring rapper later responded publicly to the claims, and said he hadn’t really seen his brother in four years (via US Weekly).

Nick Carter also spoke about Aaron’s addiction issues, which have impacted their family quite a bit. Carter spoke publicly about his own struggles with drugs and alcohol in 2018, and their sister Leslie Carter passed away in 2012 due to a drug overdose

Several famous faces populated the comments below Nick Carter’s tribute, including some of his Backstreet Boys bandmates. Fellow dad AJ McLean reached out with a short but sweet message, noting he was there for Carter during this tough time: 

Love you bro. Always here for you.

Kevin Richardson also left a comment for his bandmate, with the dove and olive branch emoji. This is typically seen as a symbol of peace, so perhaps Richardson was offering his hope for Nick Carter to find peace, or echoing the sentiment that his brother Aaron may be at peace himself.

Though Aaron Carter was never a part of the Backstreet Boys, he did tour with the band and open for them as a solo artist throughout the late '00s. Aaron Carter was primarily known for his second album, Aaron’s Party, which featured a few popular hits geared toward a younger audience. Carter also made appearances on popular television shows at the time, such as 7th Heaven, and the show starring his ex-girlfriend Hilary Duff, Disney Channel's Lizzie McGuire

Angel Conrad, Aaron’s twin, and Nick’s sister, also memorialized her brother on social media. Conrad shared numerous photos of them as children, and like Nick, noted that she will miss him: 

Angel Conrad was mentioned when news broke that Aaron Carter split with his fiancé after the birth of their child in 2021, and the singer grew estranged from her as well. Losing a family member is never easy, and one can imagine it’s only more complicated given the circumstances that the Carters have gone through. Hopefully they and everyone else can find ways to reconcile their feelings for their late family member.

CinemaBlend offers its condolences to the family and friends of Aaron Carter, and wishes them well during this difficult time.

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